Wednesday, February 16, 2011

About our partner...

Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) is IBM's partner for our Corporate Service Corps assignment in Kenya. They coordinate everything from travel to our client assignments to community outreach while in-market. For our work-to-date, we have been collaborating with the local DOT team in Kenya - and they are truly first-rate. They are very knowledgeble about the market and business opportunities, and have great connections with the government and client teams.

From their site: "Digital Opportunity Trust is a leading international organization, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. DOT focuses on creating educational, economic, and entrepreneurial opportunity through the effective use of ICT for communities and people in countries that are developing, are in transition, or are under stress. DOT has a particular focus on youth and women. DOT operates programs in Canada, China, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico and the United States."

I look forward to finally meeting our contacts in person.

Asante sana-

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