Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kenya Briefing and Local Culture

Today is our 2nd full day in Kenya - it is hard to believe, as we have already done so much. This morning, we had a briefing with the local IBM Marketing Manager and also our DOT hosts. They layed out a very compelling story for the country of Kenya - one of great history, some turmoil and a potential for amazing growth.

Kenya is already the business hub of East Africa, and is poised for a surge of new business opportunities in the near future. The already well established financial services sector is growing, while other areas such as telco are rapidly on the rise. Is Kenya - the same country whose presidential turmoil caused nationwide riots a short time ago - ready for this? Only time will tell. One thing is clear though - the 'tribal' aspect of this country continues to this day. This is not in a negative way - but when people introduce themselves, they usually follow with their heritage - Masai, Kikuyu or wherever. There is a lot of pride that has been carried down the generations.

Following the briefing, we went to a local cultural center, where tribal villages were set up in the proper fashion - there was also a ceremony where traditional Kenyan song and dance were performed - all done by their respective tribes of course.

Tomorrow is our first in-person presentation to out government clients. This meeting will definitely shape the rest of our time here.

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