Friday, February 11, 2011

Jambo, as they say in Swahili!

On February 17, I am deploying with a team of 11 other IBM people from around the world to Kenya, to work with the government on some key technology initiatives. Kenya is the already the business hub of East Africa, and Nairobi is fast becoming one of the world's top cities for financial services. Over 4 weeks, our team will be consulting with various divisions of the government, ranging from the Office of e-Government, to the Postal Division to the Ministry of Information. In order to really understand the country and culture, we will staying outside the metropolis of Nairobi - in a village called Nyeri in the central highlands of the country. There is a large community aspect to the project - we'll also be visiting universities, health care facilities and other areas, meeting the people and lending a helping hand. I feel honored to take part in such an effort - and wanted to document the effort in this blog. I've never really had a reason to blog before, but this seems like a worthy cause, with a great story to tell. Wish me luck and check back for updates-

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