Sunday, February 27, 2011

All work?

Well, not completely. As they say in Kenya, "Pole, Pole", (slowly, slowly). So as a team, we decided to take a break from our projects and see some of Kenya's wildlife over the weekend. With some recommendations from the local team, we arranged a camping safari to Samburu National Reserve, a few hours north of our home base in Nyeri.

It was truly amazing. Samburu is a semi-arid area (almost a desert) - and as a 'reserve', it is one of the many locations in Kenya where animals live and roam freely in their own environment. In other words, the people are the ones held captive - in this case in a touring van with an open roof. We saw many different animals, and the landscapes alone were truly breathtaking. We also had a chance to visit a local village of the Samburu tribe - nomads who have lived in the same traditions for hundreds of years.

And, of course we had to make a quick stop at the equator on the way home!

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