Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday was quite a busy day for the teams. We started out by meeting the rapidly growing East Africa IBM team, based in Nairobi. One year ago, the IBM presence was only a small subsidiary, and today they are at 45 employees and growing - quite a statement on the local economic growth and relevance of Kenya on a worldwide scale.

This was followed by kick-off meetings with the 3 respective clients at their offices:

  • Postal Corporation of Kenya
  • Kenya Office of e-Government
  • Kenya ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Board

All meetings went very well – project scopes were validated, some questions answered (some pictures taken…), and we were off.

Tomorrow we relocate to Nyeri, our home base for the rest of the project.

Editorial Note: I’m stealing the “Passion and Power” line from Muriuki Mureithi, one of our hosts here in Kenya, and quite a motivational speaker. He has referenced the “passion and power” of IBM and Kenya in many of our meetings – and we as a team have adopted it as our 'war cry' if you will...

The IBM CSC and Kenya team

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