Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Having toiled over the past couple weeks on spreadsheets, presentations and endless data collection - the team split up this past weekend for some Kenya fun. Half the team departed to Mombasa, the legendary resort city on the Indian Ocean. The rest of us stayed local in Nyeri to enjoy some of the local culture.

On Saturday, we visited the Aberdares, a beautiful area of hills, plains and native wildlife. We were treated to a walking tour of the area - with a ranger armed with what looked like a world war II shotgun. I'm not sure if the gun would have stopped a wild cat, less a rhino, from charging - but the cool factor alone was worth it in my book.

We had seen many animals on our journey thus far, but it is a different experience altogether to be in their midst. In safari vehicles, the animals almost forget you are there, going about their business. When walking, they always have an eye on you - and seem to automatically keep a safe distance away. Anyway, it was a great afternoon, and just another experience here in Africa that I won't soon forget.


Our guide doing his best to look like a bad man.
Us, doing our best (and succeeding) in looking like tourists.
If you look closely, you can see the White Rhino charging me from behind.

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