Friday, March 18, 2011

Pitch Day

Hard to believe our presentation today will be the summation of 4 weeks worth of work. These projects seemed to overtake our lives while we have been here. When we weren't working in our 'war room' at the hotel, we were in the field conducting interviews, doing research - or traveling back and forth to Nairobi for client meetings. We usually converged on the terrace or hotel bar after dinner (the only two places that had internet access), and continued to work until 11 or 12. With the drastic time difference, after 11 was the only time to catch up with the kids after school as well. It was a special treat to see there smiling faces on Skype.

The first team completed their project yesterday, and the final two presentations take place today. For my team, it's off to Posta Kenya to present our findings. They have been a great client this far - and we look forward to sharing our ideas with them.

Team Twiga on the 'war terrace'.

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