Monday, March 14, 2011

Home Stretch

Forgive the U.S-Centric metaphor, but I've just about had enough Premiere League Soccer and Cricket - and Opening Day is right around the corner.

We now enter our fourth and final week in Kenya, and the itinerary does not any get any easier. All of our projects are moving along – with interim presentations happening last week, and our final work coming together for presentations at the end of this week.

Every now and then as we scramble for one more piece of research, the magnitude of our work dawns on me. The final presentations will be attended by some of the top Kenyan business and political leaders, including the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Communications. Coming into an assignment like this, I wasn’t sure if the work was something that would be appreciated – but subsequently placed on the back-burner for future consideration. But it has been proven to us in many ways how our work will help to drive the information agenda for the country.

After spending so much time here and getting to the know the people and culture – whether it’s IBM, or anyone else, I do hope (and know) that Kenya is about to round third into a new era for the country-

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