Friday, March 4, 2011

Kimathi University

As part of our community efforts, we had reached out to Kimathi University School of Technology - a college local to our home base in Nyeri. The students and administration were terrific in helping us put together a program that would benefit all.

We started out by introducing DOT, our partner in Kenya - and then followed with a brief update on IBM, including our Centennial and celebrating 100 years of innovations. After sharing the 100x100 video, my colleague Dave Sloan did a great job on articulating smarter planet, and what it means to everyone in the room  - it's not about servers, but issues that affect us all, like energy, healthcare and cities.The theatre was full of stident and faculty, a testament to the 'marketing' our university partners had done.

After the presentation, we had 3 breakout sessions - career skills, led by our resident HR expert Reka, Digital Whiteboard presentation led by Francesco, and a continuation of the smart planet dialog, including a discussion on Watson, led by Dave.

I would say the day was a great success. The students were receptive, curious and asked all the right questions. I would say the future is bright for the Kenya technology landscape.

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