Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tick tock...

Our teams have been in Kenya now for almost 3 weeks - amazing how the time has passed so quickly. If there is something I would say about this group of people - it is that we do not leave one minute on the table. We are either working on our projects, coordinating community activities, organizing weekend plans -  but no time is wasted, and I'm sure we will greatly appreciate that as we look back on this experience.

Yesterday, we traveled to Nairobi for a midterm review of our project with the client team. Overall, they are a good client and really appreciate the work that we are doing. They recognize the state of the world in postal services - and know that if they do not inherently change the work they work, they will be left too far behind to recover (and even now it is a question). I do hope we can be a catalyst in all this. Either way, I will leave Kenya proud of the work we have done.

Tomorrow, we will travel to a local coffee plantation for a combination of work and also pure curiosity. We will be talking to the owners about their business, but I am definitely also looking forward to seeing the operation and hopefully tasting some of the freshest brewed coffee in the world.

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