Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's a wrap

Well, presentation day was as hectic as expected, but well worth the effort.

Team Twiga was up first, with a 9:00 date with our friends at Posta Kenya. The presentation went well - even with some pretty strong words from our team on the urgency of their organizational change. They are not alone, however - postal corporations around the world are struggling, so the common theme is evolve or become extinct. Posta has clear challenges ahead - but with some support from the government and the right leadership, they have a chance to do some great things in the new Kenya. They were very thankful for all our work, and we exchanged some nice words and gifts before we left.

Then it was off to a meeting with the P.S. (permanent secretary) to share our work, then right into Team 3's presentation at the ICT board.

We wrapped the day with a team dinner at the Carnivore restaurant - ironic that at least one member of our team is a vegetarian. Very cool place - and the food is as exotic as you would think. From ostrich (very good) to crocodile to camel - it was all in play!

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